About Us

Angela Browne – Paralegal, Managing Director

Angela Browne has had post-secondary education in sociology, business and law, and has worked in the mental health field as a counselor and an advocate, and later became a business consultant and policy advisor on issues ranging from human rights, housing development, mental health capacity issues, labour market development and social security initiatives.   In 1993, she began to develop her advocacy skills in the legal arena by first working with mental health clients and their families, at both the administrative level and political level.  In 1997, she began working full-time as a Paralegal & Court Agent, first as an agent for other members of the legal profession, then taking on her own clients.  She served on the Board of the Paralegal Society of Ontario between 2002 to 2007, as well as the community advisory board of her local newspaper in 2006-2007.  She currently serves on the Coach and Advisor Network of the Law Society of Upper Canada and offers legal services in the areas of:  employment, contract disputes, construction/renovation issues, personal injury, landlord and tenant law, education law, as well as appeals involving a range of social security programs, including CPP, ODSP, WSIB, EI, labour board and consumer protection.  She also works with small businesses to aid in their development, manage crisis, strategic planning and determining one’s natural markets.