How We Are Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis


1.  What protective measures is Browne & Associates Legal Services taking during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

We are concerned about our clients, suppliers and those in our office by ensuring that we minimize any dangers during the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.  By keeping our offices clean, wiping down all meeting areas with disinfectant before and between any project will ensure all staff and associates work in a clean environment.   Only one or two associates will be in the office at any time to emphasize social distancing.

Each one of us is minimizing our own exposure and potential exposure to COVID-19.  If any one of us is feeling sick, we will work from home using telephone, Internet or video technology to communicate.  We will self-isolate if we become exposed to somebody else who is sick.  We are also avoiding any conferences, large gatherings of people or other public events where there is a potential for spread.

2.  Are our offices open to client visits?

We are open for regular hours for our clients to contact us by phone or video conference.   We have discontinued in person client visits when the province called the state of emergency on March 16, 2020.

However, we are encouraging our clients to contact us  to discuss any issue.  If you wish to retain us, we can provide services through e-mail, telephone and video.  This is the reality until the COVID-19 is finally under control.

We will try to keep up to date as much as we can.  However, keep in mind that many Court or Tribunal Hearings are being postponed or being converted to teleconference or video hearing.

3.  What if I have an upcoming Court or Tribunal Hearing?

Many of these hearings are being postponed, adjourned or in specific cases, heard over the telephone, particularly for Tribunals.  The Small Claims Courts have been closed until further notice, although filings are still accepted.  If you have a hearing coming up, we will notify you as to its status.

Our latest word from Small Claims Court is that on June 2, 2020, matters set for March 2020 will be re-scheduled or spoken to; June 3, 2020, matters scheduled for April 2020 will be re-scheduled; and June 4, 2020, matters scheduled for May 2o20 will be spoken to or rescheduled.

4.  What if I want to start a new case or a case is being filed against me?

To the best of our knowledge, we will still be able to file documents and issue them as usual.  Paralegals have formed a province-wide network of peers that will assist one another in getting documents filed, issued and served, until things return to normal.

If you are being sued or received a Plaintiff’s Claim, you can contact us and we can help you file a Defence and represent you throughout the process.

Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance to you during these difficult times.


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