The Magic G

Editor’s Note: This article was written a couple years ago to discuss the value of a G license as many people don’t realize the value it has compared to a G2. This still holds true today, and it required minimal updating for reposting. I hope you enjoy!

One of the most underrated things as far as driving goes in Ontario is that of a G license. Many people get their G1 or G2 and are happy driving on those not knowing the costs they cause themselves inadvertently. What can G do for you? Let’s see…

Lower Insurance Cost

Your insurance cost doesn’t start lowering in any real amount until you’ve got your G license. The G license tells the insurance company that you’ve complete road tests and are judged fully capable on the road so they start counting your safety rating from that time.
Higher Demerit Point Cap

No one wants to get demerit points and for the most part people aren’t given many tickets. Regardless though at some point everyone can bend a rule in an officer’s opinion or speeding or have your tires still moving at a stop sign… any of them get you some points.

On a G2 license you have a cap of 9 points, a letter from the ministry with any points and a meeting with the ministry at 6 points where you can be suspended. Compared to a G license – where you get a letter at 6, a meeting at 9 and a cap of 15 when you’re off the road.

Not only that, but with a G2 license, any ticket with 4 or more demerit points gets you an automatic suspension! No questions asked; it’s a 30 day suspension that arrives in the mail after you pay the ticket, compliments of the MTO. Any G2 driver should always consult Browne & Associates Legal Services before paying a ticket.

Lifting of G2 License Restrictions

The G2 License has numerous restrictions on it to help make Ontario’s roads safer and to let drivers learn with lesser risk scenarios (or so goes the theory). Upon getting your G you are no longer required to follow these. The restrictions are:

  • Absolutely no alcohol in system – regardless of age
  • If you are 19 years old or younger, you no longer have restricted passengers between midnight and 5 a.m.

All of these are reasons to get your G license as quickly as you can – and we encourage you to help yourself, GET YOUR G.

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  1. Sonya Mendez August 21, 2015 at 5:26 am

    This is amazing. I am sure not many people are aware of the G license. As said, it really is a “magic G”. Is this applicable for California red light camera ticket and speeding tickets too? Thanks for posting the article.

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